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TNT to use Nike for uniforms

We are pleased to announce that TNT West will be going with Nike uniforms next year. Nike will be providing tremendous support when it comes to our gear at training and games. We look forward to working with Nike and their staff.

How to Write a Training Session Plan

“That old saying holds true for soccer coaches. To get the most out of your team’s training session the coach must be prepared. Thinking and writing are inextricably bound together – “think it and ink it.” Write out your training session plan! Your scheduled training sessions are the opportunities for coaches and players to share knowledge. The final goal is to guide your players to improved performance in their matches.”

Navigating the Coach-Parent Relationship

“Today’s coach has to be much more than the word implies. He or she has to be a manager coach. Without parents there are no players. With a young team and plenty of parents the coach needs a system to keep everyone onside. Disgruntled parents means unhappy players. Unhappy players produce disgruntled parents. It can be a massive challenge.”

Outside Back Defending 1v1

Try this unique activity to help him find his sweet spot. This creative defending activity will isolate your defenders 1v1 in wide areas and force them to protect the goal.

7v7 Plus 3 Possession

If you prefer to play out of a 4-3-3 formation and you want your focus to be on the three central midfielders, then try this 7v7+3 possession activity.

3v1 Keep Away

Check out the link about to see an in-depth explanation of how to do this simple drill. The website even provides an instructional video.