P.O. Box 233 Grandville, MI 49468-0233


About TNT West

TNT West Soccer Club is dedicated to training and developing West Michigan soccer players as both athletes and young adults. We strive to prepare these players – for the next level of soccer and for the next step in life – by providing them with the finest coaches and most sound club culture available. Our commitment is to do so with integrity, character and sportsmanship.

We offer teams for communities in West Michigan including Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kentwood, Zeeland and Holland. The majority of our teams practice and play at Helder Park in Zeeland, MI. Some teams practice in the Grandville Area.


TNT West Soccer Club was formed in January 2011 and joined the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) in fall of 2011. The club started with five teams in GVSA and a boys Lakeshore team that had played under the TNT umbrella since fall of 2009. We have been adding boys and girls teams each year.


Strong and consistent technical development is the goal at TNT West. We place the importance of technical development and sportsmanship over winning games. Our belief is that by taking the time to teach players the skills required to play good soccer at the younger ages we will produce a much higher caliber player as they mature into high school and college athletes. Winning is important, it develops the competitive spirit – but knowing how to play the game technically is just as important. We do not concede to a kick and chase style of game just to win, we would rather teach the players to play a possession style of game and use their technical skills to control the ball. We believe this is the best way to develop a player to their full potential.


We place a very high emphasis on quality coaching at TNT West Soccer Club. We have made a commitment to bring the highest level coaches into the club to help guarantee the success of our players. We require all of our coaches to carry at least an ‘E’ license. TNT West provides continuing education options for all of our coaches and encourages them to continually seek the next level license. TNT West limits the use of “parent coaches” for our teams; we utilize a professional soccer staff to ensure high quality coaching. We are very proud of the coaching staff we have assembled, please feel free to visit the coaches page and see what they have to offer!